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Posts tagged 'bargaining'

  1. Yarn Newsletter

    Posted 19 April 2011 by Adam Frogley - National Indigenous Officer (Indigenous)


    The latest edition of Yarn has now been released.  Yarn can be accessed via PDF below or via e-Book at the following link:


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    (4 MB) - PDF

    Yarn, April 2011

    eBook: http://issuu.com/nteu/docs/yarn_04_01
    Published: 17 Apr, 2011
    Issue: vol. 4, no. 1
    Tags: yarn, indigenous, IPC, bargaining

    Yarn, NTEU Indigenous Members' Newsletter

  2. Thanks all the members who kindly donated to the NTEU Fighting Fund

    Posted 4 March 2011 by Grahame McCulloch - General Secretary (NTEU National Office)

    On behalf of NTEU and members of the UNSW and Macquarie Branches, I want to thank all the members who kindly donated to the NTEU Fighting Fund in the previous months.

    As you would know, 150 NTEU ...

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  3. Urgent appeal for donations: UNSW and Macquarie Members Losing Christmas Pay

    Posted 10 December 2010 by Grahame McCulloch - General Secretary (NTEU National Office)


    Dear Friend,

    The 150 NTEU members imposing industrial bans at UNSW and Macquarie University need your urgent financial ...

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  4. Support Your Colleagues at UNSW and Macquarie – An Urgent Message from the NTEU General Secretary

    Posted 25 November 2010 by Grahame McCulloch - General Secretary (NTEU National Office)

    Dear Friends,

    Around 150 NTEU members have imposed bans on the transmission of examination results at the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University.  NTEU Branch negotiators have ...

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  5. Bans on student results at UNSW and VU

    Posted 19 July 2010 by Ken McAlpine - Senior Industrial Officer (NTEU National Office)

    Members will probably have seen media reports on enterprise bargaining negotiations at VU and UNSW, and in particular the current protected industrial action in the form of the withholding of student ...

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  6. Update on Melbourne University salaries

    Posted 28 January 2010 by (NTEU National Office)

    What�s on the bargaining table?

    The University of Melbourne is now offering a nominal 16 per cent salary increase, 2 per cent of which was paid as an �administrative increase� in April 2009 and ...

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  7. Updated Melbourne University Salaries Comparison

    Posted 13 January 2010 by (NTEU National Office)

    This brief paper looks at University of Melbourne salary trends in the context of salary trends in the higher education sector and more broadly.

    It will rely mainly on charts and tables, clarifying in ...

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  8. Bans lifted at Melbourne University

    Posted 16 December 2009 by (NTEU National Office)

    As a result of significant movement in our negotiations with management, the bans on the transmission of results are lifted, effective immediately (16 December 2009).

    The determined and effective ...

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  9. University of Melbourne Stop Work

    Posted 19 November 2009 by Atosha McCaw - Campaigns & Communications Officer (Vic Division)

    Members at the University of Melbourne have voted for a half day stop work on the 19 November 2009.

    Stop work and members meeting

    Date: 19 November

    Time: 1pm

    Location: Laby Theatre, Physics Building, ...

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  10. Responsible Division Management process at Melbourne University

    Posted 25 September 2009 by (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU is in opposition to any reduction in jobs at the University.

    We have however, been negotiating with the University to limit the impact on members.

    You can download the 'NTEU advice for ...

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