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  • "Could be entitled..."We care about General Staff until the CPSU disappears, at which point we'll ignore them""

    Bob - New publication for NSW...
  • "Every one must promote gender equality. You need it. Go head. You will get it."

    jayaprakash, Kerala, Ind. - Equal Pay Rally
  • "Great to see the NTEU playing a leading role in fostering debate and action on climate change."

    Chrys Gunasekara - Latest issue of Advocate,...
  • "That's true, Julie, political solutions are important but they should be complemented by a range of other solutions. The Jabiluka uranium mine was stopped by a combination of nonviolent direct..."

    Marty - Climate Change Conference...
  • "Where is the incentive to vote yes NTEU? You managed to get up 0.2 above the 4% already promised. An increase of 0.2% would average out to a few dollars per week - and that's before tax!"

    Nofool - Landmark enterprise...
  • "Rather than adopt the coward's way - I invite you gentle blogger to attend the NTEU members meeting this week where discussion and voting on the agreement will occur. If you truly are a member of..."

    Susan Price - Landmark enterprise...
  • "I wonder if the negotiators got some extra money for their HARD work? They really deserved it didn't they? 4.2 is shocking! Freddie is rubbing his hands with glee. We should have done some hardcore..."

    Why oh Why? - Landmark enterprise...

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